What Is Banners Broker Advertising Revenue

Banners Broker is a fairly new company that uses the blind network to place banners on behalf of its clients which purchase this space in the form of impressions. That is a very basic summary of what they do, in this article you will see the 3 different angles to which you can use banners broker to both generate advertising revenue, drive traffic to your businesses and use your own website as a publishing platform for the companies clients.First of all let us look at the “advertiser” package; this package is designed for business owners to get a share in the expensive banner advertising market place. Purchasing impressions from as little as $25; will give the business owner the ability to create banner campaigns that can piggy back high traffic websites that are already within that niche. These websites are specifically targeted to suit the advertising business; for example, if you where a car dealer your adverts might show up on the “Auto Trader” website.The next package that Banners Broker offers is the “Publisher” package; this package offers businesses or people that already have traffic generating websites the opportunity to rent out the space on their web pages for profit. The company will find suitable advertisers to purchase banner impressions that can be used to place ads on your site making you a healthy profit.The final and most interesting of the 3 packages is the “ad-pub combo”; this package basically allows you to purchase advertising panels from websites all over the internet. Banners Broker will then sell that advertising space for you to advertisers making you profit on that web space. The easiest way to explain it is to imagine renting an apartment from an apartment blog then renting it out to a third party for profit.The ad-pub combo is facilitated by the use of advertising panels which first must be populated with traffic before they start to earn advertising revenue. There are a couple of ways to achieve this; you can use the banner impressions you get with each ad pub combo to drive traffic to the banners broker website, you can introduce people to the business which will give you sales credits in the form of traffic or you can purchase traffic packs which still leaves a healthy profit.The panels that you purchase take a varied amount of time to qualify dependent on the value of the panel. A $10 yellow panel that will take 4 weeks to complete its cycle will give you a return of $20, a purple panel that will cost $30 will take around 6-7 weeks and will give you a return of $60. The business starts to get really interesting when you have green, red and black panels which cost $270, $810, $2430 respectively and will see a return of double the cost of purchase once they have completed their cycle.