Real Estate Advertising: Newspapers Versus the Internet

When it comes to real estate, newspaper advertising is pretty much a thing of the past. The Internet has taken over the advertising market in the real estate industry.Today, buyers researching the homes for sale are far less likely to pick up a newspaper and look at the homes for sale ads. As a matter of fact, the amount of real estate advertising in newspapers is an all time low. If I had to guess, I would say it’s been reduced to approximately 5% of what was originally advertised in newspapers.Advertising homes for sale on the Internet is far less expensive to real estate companies, although there still is an expense advertising on certain realtor websites as well as maintaining the company and individual agent websites.. When real estate companies had to rely on newspaper advertising that was their highest expense, even higher than their rent.Now realtors can put in larger ads with a lot more information and plenty of color pictures on their websites. As computer sales grew and more people owning them, they became a staple in the home and so did the Internet. It’s only natural that when buyers are shopping for a new home, they should turn to the Internet with all the information at their fingertips. The amount of information that can be delivered within an Internet ad would be totally cost prohibitive to put in a newspaper advertisement.Aside from content there is the circulation to consider. Advertising on the Internet can reach more people than newspaper advertising. Just think about it, newspapers advertise on a local basis where is the Internet is actually worldwide. So if someone in Europe, India or Asia is looking to buy a home in a specific area in the United States, Australia or in different parts of the country they have access to Internet advertising.The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) does a great job showing real estate companies listed properties on the MLS websites. This of course is part of the worldwide advertising that is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.Even buyers unskilled in using the computer or do not have a computer will list the services of a friend or family member to help them see homes for sale on the Internet. House hunting and the internet have become a way of life and is the clear winner when it comes to advertising in real estate.