Shared Advertising is Targeted Advertising

You surf the web because you want to look for specific information, or to buy certain products. Advertisers provide the information, or affiliates connect you with the vendors, and transactions are made. Making money online looks effortless.Due to the current dreary economic environment, many people would like to make a fast buck on the Internet. Vendors provide information or products, and in return they want to make some profit; buyers search for information or products to meet their own needs, and may be willing to part with their cash. As long as there is a willing buyer, a deal is closed, and money is exchanged.But making money online is not as easy as it seems to be, or as it used to be, although the opportunities of making money online are countless.Making money online is difficult, and do you know why? Because it involves money. Making money online means you, first of all, must have a product to sell or a service for consumers — that requires investment of time and money; and the competition is extremely keen.Of course, you can be an affiliate — that is, you connect buyers and sellers, and earn a commission if a sale goes through. Even an affiliate has advertising and promotion expenses to meet. You may need a website to promote the products of vendors, or you may need to advertise through pay-per-click or some other advertising media.Whenever money is involved, things may get a little complicated and even difficult: the buyers may become wary, not knowing if the products or services are as good as advertised; the affiliates may not be sure if their efforts to promote the products may turn profitable and worth their while.So, making money online is difficult — unless the opportunity is absolutely free, and you enjoy while you expend a litte effort in doing it.Now, there is a golden opportunity that is absolutely FREE to join, and that pays you as you enjoy the web. This golden opportunity is about shared advertising. Essentially, shared advertising is an innovative online advertising that pays the viewers, or rather “targeted” surfers on the Internet. Make no mistake about it: this is not about traffic exchange, in which you may be paid to view websites or advertisements. Shared advertising is innovative, because the advertising is “by requests only.”.”This is how shared advertising works: you see ads, which are specially catered for you, on your own browser; if you are interested in the advertised products, click on them, and make a quick review for the advertisers, you get paid — that is, you “share” the advertising revenue. Without the availability of demographics, advertisers in conventional advertising rely solely on the keywords or search words provided by web surfers. In this state-of-the-art shared advertising, advertisers place their ads on the individual browsers of web surfers according to their demographics. In shared advertising, advertisers can target prospective customers according to their geographical locations, their ethnic background, and their personal interests — instead of relying solely on the keywords or search words they have entered. In other words, their advertising is based on the demographics of web surfers. Advertisers believe this type of “targeted advertising” is more cost effective, and therefore they are more willing to share their advertising dollars with their potential customers. It is just a simple no-brainer phenomenon of targeted shared advertising.Accordingly, when you surf the web, you click on these ads, you get paid. Although you may not earn much from viewing and reviewing ads on your browser, you earn also from the earnings of those you invited, as well as from the earnings of those invited by those you have invited. You tag your friends who tag their friends, and thus creating a viral membership, which pays you. The best part of it is that you become anonymous, and you join it for free, regardless of age or income.This new concept of shared advertising may be the solution to the difficulty in making money online. After all, you enjoy the web and get paid, and there is nothing simpler or easier than that.

How To Choose The Right Banner Advertising Sources

An online advertising banner is a graphical advertisement embedded on a webpage with the intention of attracting traffic to the website of that particular advertisement. It usually utilizes technologies such as flash, shockwave, or java to make it more interesting and interactive for the viewer, at the same time catch their attention.You can approach individual websites or online banner network that allows you to display your ads within their group of website. With numerous online advertising sources available, it is very difficult to find what constitutes the perfect banner advertising source marketers would want their online advertising banner to be posted on. Online advertising banners cost real dollars. You’ll want one that would maximize the selling potential of your product. How can we choose the right banner advertising sources? Here are a few tips:Choose online banner advertising sources that give control. Choose online banner advertising network that allows most hands on approach to the design. An online advertising banner with a pre formatted design or templates, while makes it easy for you, may not give you the results you need. You won’t be able to put your desired design and it could yield unsatisfactory results as well. The best sources are the ones that could give a personal touch to the design and layout of the online advertising banner.Online banner advertising sources should have reasonable costs. Price is also a factor in choosing the right online banner advertising source. This does not mean that the cheaper the cost of the online advertising banner, the better. This simply means that a higher advertising banner cost should yield satisfactory results and provide a great positive impact on the marketing company. Most of the time, you’ll be charged a CPM or cost-per-thousand-impressions – that is, the amount per thousand times your ad shows up. You’ll want to measure the cost of displaying your ad versus your ROI (return on investment) to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.Transparency in your results. You need to be able to measure your results in such a way that you can use the data to see how successful your banner is (or isn’t.) An online banner advertising network that allows you to track your results is a good place to start. This way you can make any changes to give you the results you want, or you’ll want to totally remove your advertising banner from website that just drain your ad budget.With lots of products being marketed in the web, it is important that the product you sell is advertised strongly and with an edge against competitors. Choosing an effective online advertising banner source is one essential element that can boost online sales. Combined with other marketing strategies, online banner advertising is an important tool to help you gain online customers.To find out more about banner advertising online and how to successfully organise campaign cheaply, get our free video course now, Rapid Profit Booster by using the link below. See you soon.